Whiskey Flights and Movie Nights in our October 2012 Newsletter

The 2012 October Newsletter edition is now available! Rockit Burger Bar invites The Gents to partake in Wednesday’s feature event “Whiskey Flights and Movie Nights”

The Whiskey Gentlemen of Chicago are a small group of whiskey enthusiasts who, a year ago, launched a blog with the objective of documenting our exploration into the world of whiskey.

We attend tastings, visit distilleries and patronize bars and restaurants in and around Chicagoland, growing our experience and knowledge of whiskey from production to consumption.

This month, we are pleased to mark our first anniversary by accepting an invitation to review Rockit Burger Bar on 3700 N. Clark in Wrigleyville.

We thank all of your who have read our blog and help us build a following on Twitter @WGchicago. Stay tuned as we launch into another year of scouting across Chicago for more whiskey events!

Selected Spirits

  • Hudson Collection (NY Corn, Baby Bourbon, Single Malt, Manhattan Rye)
  • Rye Collection ((rī)1, Templeton, Old Overholt, Rittenhouse)
  • Scotch Collection (Laphroaig, Glenmorangie, Macallan, Balvenie)
  • Mixed Drinks
  • Rockit Man
  • Craft Beers

The Movie featured at Rockit Burger Bar last Wednesday was Step-Brothers, a most Continue reading

March 2012 Newsletter


The 2012 March Newsletter is now available! Eclectic Spirits and Dialogue with a Distiller.

The Gents host their own event with a unique assortment of drinks

plus An interview with Matt Moersch of the Round Barn Distillery


The event in March found the Gentlemen convened at Mike’s home. We enjoyed a varied selection of whiskey and spirits casually complemented by Italian sides of Sicilian focaccia pizza and Mike’s homemade dried sausage.

Sampled Spirits 

  • DiVine Bourbon
  • Ardbeg 10 Year Islay Single Malt
  • Mike’s self-aged whiskey kit
  • Great Lake’s Distillery Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit

To set the proper tone, we selected a Richard Paterson (@the_nose) YouTube video as a backdrop for our evening, as he is always an entertaining and educational presenter of whiskey history, etiquette and general knowledge.

Mike enjoyed his harder liquors with – my favorite and newly discovered term for the following – a “sidecar” of beer.  I’m going to guess he discovered a swallow of beer was needed between every few swigs of Ardbeg, but more on that later.  Rick and I alternated with water.

As we grazed on the delicious eats and sampled the four very different spirits, the Continue reading

Tapas all Around

This months theme was tapas. We met at Cafe Marbella in Jefferson Park for the December 2011 meeting. This was the first meeting in which the “Ladies of the Whiskey Gentlemen” joined us for the evening. Since we were enjoying tapas for dinner, why not carry the same theme into the whiskey tastings! The selection of tapas sized spirits included Lion’s Pride Dark Oat from Koval, Black Bull 12 year, Crown Royal Black, Macallan 18 year, Glenfiddich 12 year, and the Glenlivet 12 year. Check back soon for the December newsletter to read the reviews.

Koval Distillery Tour

The Gents toured a local distillery for their November outing. The first of it’s kind since prohibition in Chicago, Koval Distillery offered the gents a wide selection of whiskeys to sample from whites, light aged, and dark aged varieties. The $10 tour lasted just over an hour and was quite packed for 3pm. We recommend purchasing/reserving tickets on the website to ensure a spot on the tour, especially if you plan on going Saturday. The distillery has parking spaces available in front of the building and they have a small store located in the front office. Keep an eye out for the November newsletter to see what the Gentlemen think about the whiskeys!

Distillery Road Trip to Milwaukee

Mike and Rick headed up to the Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this past weekend. Among whiskey of course, the Gent’s enjoyed sampling GLD’s other spirits including Absinth, a Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit (whiskey like), and an award winning Gin that were among their favorites.