Sharing a Glass

The Whiskey Gentlemen was founded on curiosity and a desire to share what we learn. That spirit and sentiment persist to this day. As we investigate as many avenues of interest in whiskey as we can find, we have uncovered some unexpected treasures.

I could easily be talking simply about some of the many amazing drams we’ve had or the events we’ve attended, but that would fall far short of our experience.

What we’ve found is something that goes beyond the product itself – a community of producers and enthusiasts that revel in new production techniques, inventive flavor profiles, clever cocktails, secret stashes, prized finds and the fun in just sharing a drink among friends.

The social aspect of participating in the whiskey culture has been among the most rewarding discoveries in the journey, as we realize the connections that would otherwise not be made.  As we add more Gents to the group, we look forward to expanding on that circle of interest and sharing recent finds such as those below.

The Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch release Colonel EH Taylorfrom the Buffalo Trace distillery is bottled at a potent 100 proof and was the recipient of two awards (Gold and Double Gold metal) in 2015 according to the maker’s website.

A generous pour of this delicious bourbon debuted its way into my glass at a relative’s house and represents yet another fine addition to Buffalo Trace’s repertoire of quality products.

Whether in a cocktail, with a bit of water or poured over an ice cube to level out the higher alcohol content, this bourbon makes a flavorful and satisfying beverage.

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