Summer hiatus is over

Thanks to Bridge House Tavern, Emporium Arcade Bar and Rockit Burger Bar for the invitations for tastings and other events! The Gents had an informal reunion in October after a summer hiatus and we’re getting back into the rhythm of whiskey events. We’re pleased to receive the invites via twitter and our blog page, and we look forward to attending events all around the city. We can’t make them all, but we love to know what’s happening. Check our twitter @WGchicago for tweets about events and tastings!

Inside the Mind of a Dragon

The Gents head to Dragon Ranch and speak with Arturo Gomez, president of Rockit Ranch Productions for their December 2012 outing.

Selected Spirits:

  • Dragon Whip Wheat Whiskey
  • White Dragon Moonshine

With a flair for fusion and an eye on emergent trends, Arturo Gomez, along with partners Billy Dec & Brad Young of Rockit Ranch Productions, launched Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ five months ago and has since seen his innovative restaurant idea boom.

Gomez has cooked up a unique dining and drinking experience by merging ingredients from diverse sources such as Southern barbeque, Chicago nightlife, Asian cuisine, and his own whiskey palate – and he chose an excellent location to fire up the grill.

Sitting just a few blocks north of the Chicago River at 441 N Clark Street, the Dragon Ranch is in the company of high-quality restaurants, nightclubs and lounges of River North. Inside the venue’s doors, the décor blends the feel of a barbeque picnic with that of a refined sushi bar. How?

Exposed brick interior walls and neutral colors provide a warm, inviting atmosphere. The bench-style seating at the dining tables have a “talk-to-your-neighbor” friendliness, but the wood of the benches and bar stools is polished smooth, adding class and sophistication.

We (four Gents) arrived just prior to our prescribed time, and after only a moment we were seated at a table near the middle of the restaurant. We perused the menus for a few minutes when a whiskey bento box appeared at our table. Our waiter described its contents and then introduced us to Gomez, who sat down and went into greater detail as he discussed the development of this relatively new establishment.

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Win 2 Tickets to the Food Film Fest in Chicago!

This Saturday the 17th at Kendall College, the Gents will be attending the “Malt Whisky: The Islay 8 And The Chicago Food Film Festival Awards Ceremony” Hosted by NBC’s Cat Greenleaf. Full event info available at

Featuring the Chicago Premiere of Whiskey: The Islay Edition, a tasting of whiskey from all 8 distilleries on the Isle of Islay in Scotland. Also featuring a Scottish-inspired menu by chef Art Jackson and Pleasant House Bakery, hosted by Benefiting the Good Food Project.

As guests of the event, we’ve been asked to help promote the event by giving away 2 free tickets! Tickets are currently on sale for $65, but you get a chance to win them FREE!

To participate and get a chance to win the ticket giveaway, simply tweet or e-mail the Gents your favorite whiskey photo! Our favorite photo will win BOTH tickets!  If you are particularly creative about your photo, we may post it on our site along with your twitter name.

We are Gentlemen, but we are not above flattery, so including comments about our blog postings may earn extra favor in considering your response!

All submissions to @WGchicago and will be evaluated by Friday, Nov 16th Midnight, and the winner(s) will be selected.  You will be contacted to provide a valid e-mail address to receive your tickets – failure to do so by Saturday at 12PM (noon) will result in forfeiture of the tickets.

About the Event:
7:30 pm – General Doors Open
Featuring the Chicago Premiere of Whisky: The Islay Edition, a tasting of whisky from all 8 distilleries on the Isle of Islay in Scotland, which is renowned for its single malt whiskies, a Scottish-inspired tasting menu from Chef Art Jackson and Pleasant House Bakery, and a special dish from New York City Chef Amanda Cohen and Dirt Candy. Plus, a decadent dessert experience featuring Chef Chelsea Kalberloh Jackson’s signature Tea Time Treats from Pleasant House Bakery, Seattle’s handforged Top Pot Doughnuts, and Food Porn Star Larry Cauldwell’s Sweet n’ Salty Nuts.

Tickets are now on sale for the 3rd Annual Chicago Food Film Festival, returning to Kendall College November 15th-17th, 2012 and benefiting the Good Food Project. The Food Film Festival™ is the only Festival in the world where guests get to Taste What They See on the Screen…sometimes right in their seats.

Films: Benevolent Butcher: Bacon, Food Porn, Pie Royalty, Vegetables: Friend or Foe?, Whisky: The Islay Edition.


We hope to see you there!

Whiskey Flights and Movie Nights in our October 2012 Newsletter

The 2012 October Newsletter edition is now available! Rockit Burger Bar invites The Gents to partake in Wednesday’s feature event “Whiskey Flights and Movie Nights”

The Whiskey Gentlemen of Chicago are a small group of whiskey enthusiasts who, a year ago, launched a blog with the objective of documenting our exploration into the world of whiskey.

We attend tastings, visit distilleries and patronize bars and restaurants in and around Chicagoland, growing our experience and knowledge of whiskey from production to consumption.

This month, we are pleased to mark our first anniversary by accepting an invitation to review Rockit Burger Bar on 3700 N. Clark in Wrigleyville.

We thank all of your who have read our blog and help us build a following on Twitter @WGchicago. Stay tuned as we launch into another year of scouting across Chicago for more whiskey events!

Selected Spirits

  • Hudson Collection (NY Corn, Baby Bourbon, Single Malt, Manhattan Rye)
  • Rye Collection ((rī)1, Templeton, Old Overholt, Rittenhouse)
  • Scotch Collection (Laphroaig, Glenmorangie, Macallan, Balvenie)
  • Mixed Drinks
  • Rockit Man
  • Craft Beers

The Movie featured at Rockit Burger Bar last Wednesday was Step-Brothers, a most Continue reading

Summer 2012 Newsletter

The 2012 Summer Newsletter edition is now available! This newsletter covers the Gent’s reviews from May through August 2012.

The Gents cruised Chicago’s west suburbs and visited Lincoln Whiskey Kitchen (Schaumburg), Five Roses Pub and Ram Restaurant (Rosemont).


Selected Spirits

  • Woodford Reserve Blend
  • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
  • Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel
  • Four Roses Single Barrel
  • Tullamore Dew (12 yr)
  • Millars
  • John L. Sullivan’s
  • Midletons
  • Johnny Walker – Black Label



The Summer of 2012, as any good summer will boast, has been filled with plenty of celebration and relaxation. While not all of those occasions involved whiskey (gasp!), the Gents still found time to partake in a glass or two (or three) of the beloved stuff.

What’s more, the Gents welcomed a fourth member, Johnny, to the group as we made our round of spirited outings.


Finally, true to the promise made in March’s newsletter, during Mike’s trip through Michigan – strictly to keep Joe honest – he picked up an ample supply of Divine Bourbon! (What a guy!)


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